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Terms and Conditions


  1. 1.Sustrans Big Pedal is promoted by Sustrans Limited company number 1797726, (Registered Charity No. 326550 (England and Wales) SCO39263 (Scotland)] (“The promoters”/ “we”).
  2. 2.The challenge dates are 25 March-5 April 2019.
  3. 3.Schools can record journeys for the challenge on the Big Pedal website from 6am on the 25 March 2019 to midday on 10April 2019. Journeys made before the start time or after the closing time will not count towards the challenge.
  4. 4.Any enquiry concerning this scheme should be sent to: Sustrans Big Pedal, Sustrans, 2 Cathedral Square, College Green, Bristol BS1 5DD
  5. 5.The promoters reserve the right to cancel this scheme at any stage, if deemed necessary, or if circumstances arise out of its control.


  1. 6.Sustrans Big Pedal is open to all schools in the United Kingdom. A DfE/SEED/Inst number is required to complete registration and enable schools to participate.
  2. 7.We encourage schools to record journeys on every day of the challenge, but their final position is determined by their best five days. If they cannot record at least five days, they can choose our one-day challenge. Unlike the five-day challenge, the one-day challenge can include bike, walking or scooting activity made during the school day. For more details, see the section ‘Logging journeys’ below.
  3. 8.5 April 2019 is the final day of the challenge and an optional Superhero day in which schools can choose to take part. The activities will be open to all children at the school. However, only children arriving by bicycle, foot, or scooter may be logged as having made Big Pedal journeys for the purpose of the competition.
  4. 9.The Big Pedal has three categories for school-types, small primary (fewer than 250 pupils), large primary (greater than or equal to 250 pupils), and secondary schools. There is no separate category for SEN schools. However, SEN schools with pupils who are unable to scoot/cycle to school may use school/static/adapted bikes and count journeys made at school, e.g. during school break times, in the playground. It is up to the discretion of school staff what constitutes one journey taking into account pupil ability.
  5. 10.Nursery schools can enter into the Big Pedal competition provided they have a DfE Number. Dependent on their size, they should enter into the class/ micro school (if they have 35 pupils or less registered at the nursery) or small primary school category.
  6. 11.A school can enter year groups into the Challenge (e.g. multiple classes within the school). If the year group entered has 35 pupils or less, participants should register into as a class/micro school. Otherwise participants should register as a school in the appropriate size category.
  7. 12.Participants can register as a whole-school, year group(s), or class. When registering, schools are required to enter a figure for the entire school roll if entering as a whole school, or the total number of pupils in a year group or class if entering as a year group / class. . If a school is registered as a whole-school, classes or year groups within the school are not permitted to register separately as a class.
  8. 13.Any schools with 35 pupils or less are required to enter as a class during registration. Classes or year groups with greater than 35 pupils should enter as a small primary or secondary school as appropriate.
  9. 14.The promoters aim to support schools during the challenge by providing them with online and paper-based Big Pedal-themed resources. However, we cannot be held liable if, for any reason, we are unable to provide these resources.
  10. 15.The promoters are not responsible for misuse of any prize, or claims, liability, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this scheme. The promoters have no knowledge of local conditions and it may be that as a result of those conditions, including but not limited to weather conditions, construction projects, closures or other events, routes used are not safe. Any schools, by registering to participate in Sustrans Big Pedal, accept that it, or its representatives, must exercise judgment in their activities which result from participation in the Big Pedal, and are responsible for decisions affecting the safety of pupils and other participants.
  11. 16.Schools are advised to check all their details on the Big Pedal website prior to the start of the challenge. If any information is incorrect, they should contact the challenge organisers (bigpedal@sustrans.org.uk) to amend the details prior to the challenge start date. Once the challenge has begun it will not be possible to amend the information given at registration. Incorrect details may lead to allocation of the wrong category and a school/class not being eligible to claim any prizes or trophies.

Logging journeys and results

  1. 17.Organisations who promote the Big Pedal are eligible to sign up for a Big Pedal account for external promoters, giving them access to promotional resources, a tool to create leaderboard for specific schools, and access to school homepages. However, this account does not give acces to the details of school champions.
  2. 18.A school or class must log their journeys to:
    • add to their challenge total which determines their position in the category at the end of the challenge
    • appear on the daily leaderboards
    • be eligible to win in the daily prize draw

Eligible journeys

  1. 19.A school/class may log one cycling, walking, wheelchair, or scooting journey per pupil per day of the challenge. For participants of the five-day challenge, this should relate to the journey made to school each day. A journey to school counts towards the challenge if at least half the time taken travelling to school by a pupil is made using a bike, wheelchair, foot, or scooter.
  2. 20.For participants in the one-day challenge, a pupil undergoing 30 minutes cycling, walking or scooting activity during the school day also counts as one journey in the challenge. If a pupil cycles/walks/scoots during the school day and cycles/walks/scoots to school, or undergoes more than one 30-minute cycling/walking/scooting activity during the school day, only one journey can be logged for that pupil on that day of the challenge.
  3. 21.A school/class entering into the challenge agrees to record journeys as accurately as possible within the rules outlined in these terms and conditions.

Overall category winners

  1. 22.Journeys must be logged by midday on Wednesday 10 April for schools to be eligible for overall category winner.
  2. 23.The position of a school/class at the end of the challenge is determined by their daily scores. Daily scores are calculated as the proportion of a school/class who logs a cycling/walking/scooter journey that day, and are given as a percentage. E.g. a school that has 100 pupils of which 60 cycle, walkor scoot to school on a given day will receive a daily score of 60%.
  3. 24.The overall winners of the five-day challenge will be the school/class with the highest score averaged of their best five days. The overall winner of the one-day challenge will be the school/class with the highest score calculated from their best day. These results are based on the data entered by the school/class.
  4. 25.In the event of a tie, schools with the highest percentage of supporter journeys will be awarded a higher position on the leaderboard. If there is still a tie, the final positions will be drawn at random.
  5. 26.The schools in each of the following positions on the UK-wide leaderboards will receive a custom-made Big Pedal 2018 trophy. Schools entering the class challenge will not receive a trophy.
  6. Trophy winners:

    • Small Primary Schools
      • 1st School 5-day Challenge
      • 1st School 1-day Challenge
      • 2nd School 5-day Challenge
      • 2nd School 1-day Challenge
      • 3rd School 5-day Challenge
      • 3rd School 1-day Challenge
    • Large Primary Schools
      • 1st School 5-day Challenge
      • 1st School 1-day Challenge
      • 2nd School 5-day Challenge
      • 2nd School 1-day Challenge
      • 3rd School 5-day Challenge
      • 3rd School 1-day Challenge
    • Secondary Schools
      • 1st School 5-day Challenge
      • 1st School 1-day Challenge
      • 2nd School 5-day Challenge
      • 2nd School 1-day Challenge
      • 3rd School 5-day Challenge
      • 3rd School 1-day Challenge
  7. 27.The overall winning schools and final positions will be confirmed no later than 1 May 2019. Details of the winning schools will be published on the Big Pedal website. These will be the official and final positions as determined by the promoters.
  8. 28.The promoters will determine the winners of the prizes and final positions in accordance with their performance during the competition. All such decisions will be final and binding.

Daily leaderboards

  1. 29.

    In order to be included on the daily leaderboards a school/class should log their journeys on the Big Pedal website as per the table below.

    Challenge day Deadline to log journeys
    Monday 25 March Tuesday 26 March 9am
    Tuesday 26 March Wednesday 27 March 9am
    Wednesday 27 March Thursday 28 March 9am
    Thursday 28 March Friday 29 March 9am
    Friday 29 March Monday 1 April 9am
    Monday 30 April Tuesday 1 April 9am
    Tuesday 2 April Wednesday 3 April 9am
    Wednesday 3 April Thursday 4 April 9am
    Thursday 4 April Friday 5 April 9am
    Friday 5 April Tuesday 10 April midday
  2. 30.A participant will not appear on the daily leaderboards if they enter their results after 9am the following school day. However, journeys will be added to their overall challenge total if these journeys are entered before midday on Wednesday 10 April 2019.
  3. 31.The overall Challenge leaderboards reflect results entered by 9am on each day and may not be accurate as some schools may not enter their results until Wednesday 10 April.
  4. 32.Staff, siblings and parents count as supporter journeys. These are recorded at the same time as pupil journeys, however they only count towards the Big Pedal total journey counter on the homepage – they do not contribute to a school or class’s overall scores unless there is a tie.
  5. 33.The promoters will aim to publish updated daily leaderboards on the website by midday each day, reflecting the previous day’s results. However we cannot be held liable if we are unable to meet this deadline.
  6. 34.Once the results for each week have been published they will be final.

Daily prize draw

  1. 35.The Big Pedal is designed to be a fun challenge to help your school promote cycling, walking and scooting to school. To reflect this, prize allocation is random and daily, to allow as many schools as we can to win prizes for their pupils’ efforts around the UK.
  2. 36.To be entered into the prize draw you must log your journeys on the Big Pedal website by 9am on the following school day. For example, to be entered into the prize draw on Day 1 (Monday 25 March) journeys must be logged by 9am on Day 2 (Tuesday 26 March).
  3. 37.Prize winners will be selected at random from all those schools/classes who have a score of 15% calculated on that specific day (see “Overall category winners” above for details on how the daily score is calculated).
  4. 38.Not all schools/classes are eligible for all prizes. Some prizes are aimed only at participants registered in specific categories. Details on daily prizes, and who is eligible for them, will be available on a school’s homepage on each day of the competition.
  5. 39.The competition may include Teacher prizes which will be awarded to schools who log supporter journeys. Winners will be selected at random from all schools/classes who log a number of supporter journeys that exceeds 5% of their school roll.
  6. 40.We will aim to announce the daily prize winner by noon the following day. However we cannot be held liable if we are unable to meet this deadline.
  7. 41.The promoters will determine the winners of the daily prizes. in accordance with the terms and conditions. All such decisions will be final and binding.

Sustrans Big Pedal 2019 Family Prize Social Media Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. 42.Multiple entries per person will be accepted.
  2. 43.The Family Prize Social Media Competition is open to families/parents/guardians. Multiple entries per person will be accepted.
  3. 44.To enter the competition participants must upload a photo of their journey to school to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Participants must follow Sustrans on the platform they upload their photo(s) to. Participants need to use #BigPedalWin as they post their photo to enter the competition.
  4. 45.If submitting via Instagram, please ensure that your profile is made public during the competition. Sustrans will be unable to view your entry if your profile is private.
  5. 46.This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  6. 47.The prize winners will be selected by the promoters who will judge their favourite cycling, walking or scooting photo to be the winner. All such decisions will be final and binding.
  7. 48.Two prizes are available. One prize will be awarded for each week of the competition.
    • Week 1: The prize consists of a family package of scooter accessories to be awarded from Micro Scooters including helmets, bells, bags up to the total prize value of £250.
    • Week 2: The prize consists of package of adult and child scooters (two adult scooters and three child scooters) for the whole family to be awarded from Micro Scooters, up to a total prize value of £820.
  8. 49.The entry and closing dates for each week are detailed below:
    • Week 1: Entries will be accepted from 7 am on Monday 25 March up until 9am on Monday 1 April 2019
    • Week 2: Entries will be accepted from 7 am on Monday 1 April up until 9am on Monday 8 April 2019.
  9. 50.The prizes will be awarded to two separate participants. It will not be possible for one participant to win both prizes.
  10. 51.Employees of Sustrans and their family members or anyone professionally connected with the competition will not be permitted to enter.

Additional Terms and Conditions for daily prizes and other prize competitions

  1. 52.No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered, even in the case of cancellation.
  2. 53.The prize is not transferable. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the promoters reserves the right to offer an alternative prize.
  3. 54.The winners will be contacted by Sustrans via social media or email. Once the winner has confirmed they wish to receive the prize we will pass their details on to the prize giver to arrange prize delivery.
  4. 55.Delivery of the prize is arrange directly between the prize giver and the winner. Sustrans accepts no responsibility for delivery of the relevant prize or the winner’s satisfaction with the product(s). Please contact the prize giver in these instances.
  5. 56.The prize should be claimed by the winner by Tuesday 30 April 2019. After this date the promoters reserves the right to withdraw the prize altogether or pick a replacement winner.
  6. 57.If a prize winner decides not to accept any prize, they must notify Sustrans of such decision in writing and will, with effect from the date of such notice, forfeit any and all claim to the prize. No alternative prize will be awarded. Sustrans reserves the right to deal with the prize declined in such manner as it sees fit.
  7. 58.Any personal data relating to entrants will be used solely in accordance with current data protection legislations and will only be used to administer the prize.
  8. 59.The promoters cannot accept responsibility for loss or corruption of data in transit.
  9. 60.The promoters reserves the right to cancel or withdraw Daily Prizes, and any other prize competitions associated with the Challenge at any time.
  10. 61.The promoters may substitute any prize that is awarded as part of this scheme with one of equal or greater value as it, at its sole discretion, may determine.

Additional terms and conditions

  1. 62.You must not adapt the Sustrans Big Pedal logo, resources or nature of the competition other than where consent is given in writing by the Sustrans Big Pedal team. Requests can be made by emailing to bigpedal@sustrans.org.uk.
  2. 63.You will not adapt the name of the Big Pedal competition. The competition must be referred to as “Big Pedal, “the Big Pedal” or “Sustrans Big Pedal.”
  3. 64.You are not permitted to use the Big Pedal competition to generate income or profit except to fundraise for Sustrans. However, PROVIDED THAT schools are participating in Big Pedal, they are hereby permitted to raise funds for their own school during the competition.
  4. 65.You must not use the Big Pedal competition in any way that causes reputational damage to Sustrans.
  5. 66.Registering to the Big Pedal website will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  6. 67.Please read our separate Privacy Policy and information about use of cookies.